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The Hellenic Society of Phytiatry is a scientific non-profit organization based in Athens, Greece.
It was established and recognized by the no 2345 / 2009 decision of the Court of Athens, Greece.

The Hellenic Society of Phytiatry was established by scientists specialists in Plant Pathology, Entomology, Weed  Science, Pesticide science and Plant disorder specialists but also by scientists involved with  the Plant Protection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and extension of Plant Protection around the country, chemical companies handling plant protection products and those involved with teaching and/or research in sciences of Phytiatry (Plant Medicine) and its application in practice, to help solve long-standing problems of applied Phytiatry (Plant Protection)  and meet the modern needs of Greek Agriculture.

The Hellenic Society of Phytiatry cooperates with the Academia and Universities in upgrading the quality of services of applied Phytiatry offered by agronomists working in the private sector and those involved in marketing of plant protection products, in consulting, helping in diagnosis and management of pests and diseases with the organization of specialized seminars, lectures and field and orchard demonstrations on applied Phytiatry.

The Hellenic Society of Phytiatry supports the introduction of Phytiatry (Plant Medicine) in Agricultural Universities as a distinct University science by undertaking education initiatives, participating in discussions among the Greek State, The Universities and the Agronomists for the establishment of Phytiatry as a separate scientific filed.

The Hellenic Society of Phytiatry intends to offer its services as a consultant of the State in Applied issues of Phytiatry (Plant Medicine) through timely interventions in the daily press or in mass media on current issues of Applied Phytiatry and promote  the scientific specialization of its members in the ongoing modernization of Greek Agriculture (organization, competitiveness, quality of agricultural and food products, restructuring, environment and ensuring consumer protection) through awareness-training of agronomists and extension scientists.

The Hellenic Society of Phytiatry also proposes the immediate introduction of postgraduate programs in Plant Medicine in Agricultural Universities of the Country to create the basis for specialized scientists who can work as Plant Medicine Doctors as it is currently applied in the Universities of Florida and Nebraska in USA and several countries in Asia. The Hellenic Society of Phytiatry also contributes in enhancing the quality and efficiency of the offered services of Applied Phytiatry through the involvement of specialized members of the local visits to various regions of the country to inform agronomists and producers on current hot topics of phytiatry. Finally, the Hellenic Society of Phytiatry organizes scientific symposia and seminars to highlight current hot problems of applied Phytiatry and help all those involved in the agricultural production.

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