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Agronomy as a general science and agriculture as an application are continuously evolving and adapting to society’s and economy’s demands.

XX International Plant Protection Congress in Athens

Dear Colleagues,

Due to our serious concern, over the current and possible future negative impact of the global coronavirus epidemic covid19 on the participation of the scientific community in international scientific conferences and the certain fears (IAPPS and Hellenic Society of Phytiatry) for limited scientific attendance of the XX IPPCATHENS2023 congress in July 2023, after a thorough discussion between the organizers and the leadership of IAPPS it was decided to shift the congress to 2024.

This is to announce to the International Scientific Community of Plant Protection that the XX IPPC Athens congress instead of 10-15 June 2023 will be moved in 1-5 July 2024.

Eris Tjamos

Chair of XX IPPC Athens 2024

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